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#FastFitMoms is a monthly coaching club for moms who want to ditch the diet, feel FREE, have energy, and feel better but have very little time.

After working with hundreds of women one-on-one and speaking daily with new moms all over the world, I know that many are exhausted, overwhelmed, and uncomfortable in their post-partum bodies. But between babies, older children, spouses, family obligations, and careers, they just don’t know how to fit in time to take care of themselves and get into a sustainable routine.

And when they do manage to find the time, they are frustrated that what was working before pregnancy no longer works postpartum. They don’t understand their SPECIFIC postpartum needs because hormones make everything different!

I wanted to create a place for these women to help them through this time: a fitness program that took into account the specific needs of women after having children, both mentally and physically. They need:

Short, efficient workouts that get results, boost energy levels, but take less than 30 minutes so they can get back to their day

Support and accountability from other women who understand what it’s like and inspire them to do their best

Guidance knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and how to work with postpartum hormones especially while breastfeeding

The right mindset so they can stop giving up, beating themselves up, and start practicing self-care under any and all circumstances.

This program is called the #FastFitMoms Club and it’s a monthly coaching experience that will leave you feeling energized, supported, confident, and empowered.


  • Access to my membership portal where I'll upload 5 new workouts, video demonstrations, and a workout calendar each month. Each month will be a new theme and a fun challenge to keep you motivated
  • A workout plan with short but intense exercises that you can do at home or the gym with minimal equipment (dumbbells). Modifications are given for those who need them so you can stay safe and effective
  • Nutrition guidance and meal suggestions with your busy schedule in mind - these are plug-and-play healthy options that taste delicious and your family will also want to eat, ha!
  • A Private Facebook Group with other moms who are in the same boat there to offer support, inspiration, and accountability - we are all here to help EACH OTHER succeed! This is the best part of being in the coaching club (priceless!)
  • Weekly FB Lives with me discussing topics relevant to your journey answering all your FAQs and sharing additional resources and strategies ($400 value)
  • Access to the top experts in the industry who will answer your questions and educate you on fitness, hormones, self-care, and tons of other topics relevant to your journey

Sneak Preview - #FastFitMoms

A sneak peek into the club and hear what our members say

Tonight we had a happy hour for our team at work and one of my good friends said I was looking really in shape. She wants in on whatever I’m doing. I had to tell her how this program is so much more than just a work out. And it’s so life-giving getting there without torturing myself with grueling exercise, restricting food, and beating myself up. #FastFitMoms has made change feel sustainable and genuine!

— Jen M

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Your Instructor

Deanna Schober
Deanna Schober

Hi! I'm Deanna Schober, CPT, PN1, mom of four, and healthy lifestyle coach for new and expecting moms.

Since 2013, I've taught over 3.5 million website visitors and hundreds of one-on-one clients how to take care of themselves during and after pregnancy with a healthy, body-positive mindset.

After giving birth to my first three children, I felt like I was drowning. I didn’t know how to eat or exercise for my postpartum body, so trying to figure that out while also trying to keep three tiny humans alive AND work caused me great stress. This cycle perpetuated itself for years and the result was me always feeling exhausted, resentful, and negative about my body.

I would join the gym or try diets to control my body, but was met with “No excuses!” when I couldn’t figure out how to make it all fit in with my life and schedule.

We all know, as moms, that we have PLENTY of excuses. That mindset and that lifestyle does not work for most of us, so we end up feeling MORE stuck and MORE guilt.

But as I found out after my fourth baby, it does NOT have to be this way. #FastFitMoms uses the principal of 80/20 so we’re not wasting time and energy that we don’t have:

80% of our results come from 20% of our actions. So we focus on that 20% that moves the needle in a big way, and don’t waste our time or energy with the rest.

With #FastFitMoms Club, you’ll have new friends who get it and support you, you’ll have more energy, you’ll look and feel great, and you’ll have a healthy mindset to keep it all going.

#FastFitMoms Club has helped me so much more than I had anticipated. I love that the workouts are often less than 20 minutes and with a good variety for every mood. We focus on taking care of our whole body, focusing on doing things that make us FEEL good daily, instead of an arbitrary number on a scale. Great program and support!

— Amy O.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join the program?
All you need to join #FastFitMoms is a free Facebook account and a set of dumbbells (or a gym membership where you can use them).
How will you coach me?
I'll be checking in weekly to the Facebook group to answer questions, post information, cheer you on, and have live chats about topics relevant to you and the program. Because this is a large group coaching program, I may not be able to personally help everyone all the time, but I promise to do my best!
How long does the program run?
It's a continuous program based on a monthly membership, so you can cancel anytime!
What if I decide to cancel?
You will have a form to send a request to cancel your subscription. Once the notification is received, you will be immediately removed from the Facebook group and portal. Please note that I cannot pro-rate your month (so if you cancel on the 15th of the month, you will be removed on the 15th, even if you have paid for the entire month). If you cancel your membership and choose to re-join later, you will be responsible for paying the current rate. Please note that due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds.
What is included in the program?
*Monthly Workouts: you will have access to my portal where new workouts will be uploaded each month in pdf format that you can print out, along with video demos and a programming calendar for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All you will need is dumbbells and less than 30 minutes a day. *Nutrition Guidelines: Each month I'll be sharing exactly what I'm eating and feeding my family so you can get ideas on how to implement healthy, balanced eating. We'll be discussing nutrition each month in the group and I'll be sharing my tips and systems on making it all work. *Mindset Help: Your mindset is what makes this all cohesive and sustainable, so we'll pursue by including these important topics in our monthly discussions. *Closed FB Group (most valuable aspect!): I will be checking in on a weekly basis to answer your questions, support you and coach you. This is also where you'll receive the loving support of women who get what it's like to be in your shoes and will cheer you on and inspire you.  *FB Live: I'll be in the group at the same time each week live so you can ask me questions and get answers in real time about anything you need help with. I'll also be discussing topics related to the month's theme so that your education can continue.
Can you customize the workouts/meals to my needs and preferences?
This is a group coaching experience rather than a one-on-one, which means I'll provide a general workout program and meal suggestions to follow but will be unable to provide any customization. There will be modifications to the workout program provided for beginners, those with diastasis recti, and pregnancy. I will not be able to provide meal information specific to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc. lifestyles. If you need a higher level of customization and a higher-touch coaching experience, please check out my private coaching program, #NewMomHealthyLife.
Can I join if I'm pregnant or just had my baby?
If you are pregnant, you must a) have permission from your doctor to exercise and lift weight and b) have been exercising before this program on a fairly regular basis in order to follow the workout program. If you just had a baby, you must be completely healed from your birth (no bleeding) and cleared by your doctor or midwife before following the workout program. If you are breastfeeding, please make sure your supply is well-established before beginning any intense exercise. If you have diastasis recti, you will want to follow the modifications. If you are being treated by a physical therapist, please make sure you clear the program with them first.
What are the workouts like?
The workouts are short (less than 30 minutes, and most of the time less than 20) but intense that utilize big muscle groups and heavy dumbbells to get your heartrate up fast, build strength, raise your metabolism, and get a great sweat. Most workouts have a "bonus" or finisher that will deplete the last reserves from your tank and make sure you get the best results. You will be working hard but not for long. On non-workout days, you'll be walking outdoors or on a treadmill to stay active and re-charge your body.

Jen's Experience in #FastFitMoms

Jen shares her experience in #FastFitMoms

This course is closed for enrollment.